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Effective Communication in the Digital Age

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 15th December 2019

E-mail, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebeook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit mailchimp…..the list goes on. How well are you dealing with our ever-changing digital world and the necessity of communication? The digital world can be a confusing and overwhelming minefield with so many different platforms to communicate requiring different effective communication skills. Here’s a quick users guide.

 Just embrace the change

To be part of the business world in the 21st century means proactively and consistently embracing change, otherwise you will be left behind. Make sure you research current on-trend social media platforms and put time into researching how to adapt your communication on different platforms. Don’t be tempted to just copy the same information on all platforms you are using, tailor it to take advantage of each social network’s unique features and capabilities.

Get your social media organised

Make sure that you get your point across succinctly to your customer and potential customers. Make sure that you diarise posts as to not bombard them with information all on one day and neglect the other days. Be very aware of putting up too many posts, as this can clog up feeds and there is a possibility you will become annoying instead of informative and helpful! Ensure that if you’re communicating directly with clients on different platforms, you don’t lose track of what has been said to who on what platform. It’s really important to record who you have replied to and when, as well as on which online platform; this will help considerably with keeping on-track with effective communication.

Try Something Different

Experiment with social media. Have a look at your competitors and see how they are using social media to communicate about their services/products. Don’t be afraid to use new ways to communicate. Try a video to see if you have more response than a blog/article that you have written or shared. Plus, don’t forget to use analytics for researching the most effective way to communicate with your particular demographic via social media.

Think about what you are posting

Be careful of what you write online. Once a message, video, or article is out there, it can be difficult to retract and may damage your reputation. Take your time and put some thought into what you are posting online. This gives you time to assess the best way to respond and you can re-read your post to check it cannot be misinterpreted.

Don’t forget to sometimes go ‘old school’

Of course you should have a strong focus on online communication such as acquiring the right tone and including the correct information in any email or social media communication, however crucially this does not mean you should be neglecting offline communication, such as face-to-face meetings, or communicating over the telephone. The key to unlock your business voice in today’s climate is to be an expert in both online and offline communication. If you lose sight of real-life interaction, there may be a large gap in your business model as many customers today do appreciate the “personal” touch over an automated style of communication. Mastering both types of communication will help your business achieve a USP in the oversaturated business market.

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