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February week 3 news roundup

February Week 3 – News Roundup

Obp Chartered Accountants | 21st February 2020

Here is Obp’s news roundup for week 3 of february – articles about holiday pay changes, applying for business loans, Airbnb taking the UK by storm, and more. If you’d like to read the rest of an article, click the links to each respective website.

Holiday pay changes come into effect in April 2020

holiday pay changes

Toni Trevett, AccountingWeb

The holiday reference period in the UK for variable working hours, including zero-hour contracts and seasonal workers will change in April 2020.

From 6 April 2020, The Employment Rights (Employment Particulars and Paid Annual Leave) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 will make some important changes to how holiday pay is calculated for some.

The change to the reference period comes as part of the UK government’s ongoing actions…

What documents do you need when applying for a business loan?

What documents do you need for a business loan?

Adam Parker, SmallBusiness

Various lenders require different business loan documents. Adam Parker ticks off his business loan checklist.

Applying for a loan may seem daunting once you’ve decided to borrow finance. That’s why it’s always important to have the right business documents prepared before you do so.

Documentation varies depending on what type of lender you’re looking to borrow from. With a business loan from a bank, you…

Interest on late payments

Interest on late payments

Glenn Collins, Money Donut

Late payments create cash flow problems and can increase the risk that you will not be paid at all. Using your legal right to claim interest from late-paying customers can encourage customers to pay on time.

The statutory right to interest and compensation applies to all contracts. You need to decide whether to enforce your rights, and if so how…

Cancer Research Wales ‘Delighted’ to be Selected as STEM Awards Partner

Cancer Research Wales - STEM awards

Health Technology News, Small Business Wales

An “incredibly worthy” cancer research charity transforming lives across Wales is set to benefit from the inaugural Wales STEM Awards.

Cancer Research Wales, which invests over £1 million each year in ground-breaking cancer research projects, has been chosen as the nominated charity partner for the first annual awards.

The charity, which is dedicated to developing life-changing treatments, diagnostic techniques and research, will receive all funds raised through the newly established event…

Revealed: the areas in the UK with one Airbnb for every four homes

Airbnb takes UK by storm

Niko Kommenda, Helen Pidd and Libby Brooks | The Guardian

Airbnb has become so prevalent in Great Britain that some parts of the country now have one listing for every four properties, prompting concern that the rapid expansion in short-term lets is “out of control” and depriving communities of much-needed homes.

Exclusive analysis by the Guardian identified Airbnb hotspots in both rural areas and inner-city neighbourhoods, where the ratio of active Airbnb listings to homes was more than 20 times higher than the average across England, Scotland and Wales.

The highest incidence of Airbnbs was in Edinburgh Old Town…

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