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universities and KTPs

How universities can help your business innovate

by Ed Fletcher, Management Today | 27th September 2019 In today’s competitive landscape, no company – however big or small – can afford to rest on its laurels. Even businesses in traditional industries are implementing highly complex and sophisticated digital transformation projects that employ cutting-edge technologies such as AI.  However, these projects can often be…Read More

parties' tax policies

What the parties’ tax policies mean for businesses

by Rebecca Cave, AccountingWeb | 4th December 2019 Which parties’ tax policies will leave your clients paying more tax on the sale of their business or on the income they take from their companies? Rebecca Cave has read all the manifestos and crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. Imagine you have two clients, Peter…Read More

TED Talks

TED Talks: the top 7 for business leaders

by Management Today | 10th June 2019 Rhetoric has been a core leadership skill since classical times, with many famous careers built on the ability to convince, inspire, impress and sometimes entertain a crowd. Where the Romans had Cicero, we have TED Talks, but nil desperandum – while the style of these bitesized motivational videos…Read More

why Greggs is on a roll

Why Greggs is on a roll

by Andrew Saunders, Management Today | 4th December 2019 When Piers Morgan tweeted his disdain for its new vegan sausage roll, Greggs was ready. Its witty response is just one of the reasons why the company has taken the top spot in this year’s awards. It’s 10 o’clock on a weekday morning. The commuters have…Read More

business in 2020

Business in 2020: what to focus on

By Talk Business | 4th December 2019 It is not long until we are steaming into the new year. 2020 should be the focus of your business now. If you are not a retailer, chances are that things are starting to slow down as you approach the end of the calendar year. The focus of…Read More

what is IR35?

What is IR35?

Timothy Adler, SmallBusiness | 4th December 2019 Nearly 60 per cent of self-employed are unaware of IR35 tax changes coming in April 2020, which could reduce a worker’s net income by up to 25 per cent. Over half of the self-employed in Britain don’t know what IR35 is, despite being the people being most affected…Read More

UK's "party for business"

Which of the 3 ‘main’ parties is the “Party for Business”?

Annie May Noonan, RealBusiness | 18th November 2019 The three main party leaders are at the Confederation of British Industry’s annual conference to tell us what they’ll do for the sector should they win the upcoming general election. The UK general election, taking place on December 12, 2019, will determine what leader (and what party) will…Read More

History of black friday

How did Black Friday get it’s name?

Wondering how Black Friday got its name? You’re probably not the only one. Here’s the history of black friday. Each year the famous sales weekend, which follows Thanksgiving Day and begins tomorrow – November 29 – this year, sees a significant amount of shoppers head to high street stores and online brands in attempt to find the best deals.  Ahead of Black Friday 2019, several retailers including Amazon, Currys PC World, John…Read More

black friday scams

Black Friday UK: just one in 20 discounts are genuine, research finds

Consumer group Which? finds most items have same or lower prices at other times of year as black friday Just one in 20 Black Friday deals are genuine, according to damning research by Which? that concluded the annual shopping event was “all hype”. The consumer group price checked 83 items on sale on Black Friday last year and found…Read More

Help To Buy ISAs

Help To Buy ISAs and why you should open one

Help to buy ISAs are an good option if you are a first-time buyer saving for a deposit on your first home. The Government will add 25% on top of what you save, so that means free cash – who doesn’t like the idea of free cash! To be eligable for any Help To Buy…Read More

Number cruncher of the beast: What Iron Maiden can teach accountants

Tom Herbert, AccountingWeb | 31st October 2019 Tom Herbert hears how an accountant’s intervention led to Bruce Dickinson captaining an Iron Maiden-branded Boeing 757 around the world. Have you heard the one about the heavy metal frontman at the accounting software conference? On Monday I toddled along to SuiteConnect, NetSuite’s big London shindig. For those…Read More

charity tax changes could mean big changes to gift giving

Charity tax reforms could unlock a wave of giving

Beth Mcloughlin, AccountanyAge | 17th July 2019 A raft of proposals from a group led by a former Inland Revenue chairman would give a much-needed overhaul to UK charity tax relief. An independent commission has come up with a series of measures aimed at making giving to charities easier, decreasing spending on unnecessary admin and…Read More

HMRC collects billions from new taxes in the last decade

HMRC collects £37bn from new taxes introduced during the last decade

Chris Jewers, AccountancyAge | 8th July 2019 HMRC has collected £37bn from brand-new taxes that it has introduced over the last decade, according to UHY Hacker Young. HMRC has collected £37bn from brand-new taxes that it has introduced over the last decade, according to UHY Hacker Young. The eight new taxes and levies on business cost £7.6bn…Read More

what tax policies will be delayed by the general election?

Which tax policies will be delayed by the election?

Jackie Hall, AccountingWeb | 8th November 2019 The forthcoming general election and cancellation of the 6 November Budget will almost certainly have an impact on the progress of previously announced tax changes. Jackie Hall runs through which policies may or may not be delayed. Due to the UK’s first December election since 1923, the amount…Read More

switching career

Former barrister swapped gown for apron in her 40s

Jayna Rana, ThisIsMoney | 4th November 2019 Many of us dream of switching career or starting a business, but few will take the plunge and do it – especially as we become older, despite more experience and wisdom gleaned along the way. But one entrepreneur took the giant leap of faith, giving her career a…Read More

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