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NDAs: New proposals crack down on misuse of confidentiality clauses

The government has announced new legislation to curb the “the misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)” after consultation and strong pressure from advocacy groups alleging confidentiality clauses are used to cover up workplace harassment and assault. NDAs are a part-and-parcel of doing business, but according to some critics, a lack of clear rules on how they are…Read More

Key employment law changes accountants need to consider

Andrew Secker examines two key changes in employment law are coming into force in April 2020 which practitioners should have on their radar when assisting clients to identify and address key issues that may affect workforce costs. 1) Changes to the tax treatment of off-payroll labour From 6 April 2020, changes to tax legislation regulating…Read More

Holiday pay is a hot issue

A case concerning voluntary overtime and a change to the employment rights regulations combine to give payroll professionals a headache when calculating holiday pay. What is a week’s pay? The Working Time Regulations (SI 1998/1833) give workers the right to a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ paid annual holiday, and this holiday pay is calculated based…Read More

Five misunderstandings around IR35

With draft legislation now published for the government’s off-payroll working reforms, Alastair Kendrick tackles five of the most common areas of IR35 confusion for contractors and their accountants. We now have the release of the draft revised IR35 legislation and confirmation from HM Treasury that it proposes to press forward with the introduction of the new rules…Read More

Employment allowance: The unexpected consequences

From April 2020, the employment allowance is to be restricted to those with only secondary class 1 National Insurance Contributions of less than £100,000. Samantha Mann, senior policy and research officer at the CIPP, explores the unexpected consequence this proposal will have on affected employers. Introduction Brought in from April 2014 and available to business…Read More

NIC: What you need to know about employing people over pension age

Employers need to understand what happens to an employee’s national insurance contributions once they reach state pension age and how to ensure the correct treatment is applied. There are around 1.2m people still working beyond state pension age in the UK. Once an individual reaches the state pension age, they stop paying Class 1 primary…Read More

Sustainability: How accountants can help save the world

Yogesh Patel explains how accountants can use business as a force for good and put sustainable profits at the heart of the client conversations. It is Plastic Free July, an annual challenge where people all around the world give up single-use plastic for the month. So let’s talk about accounting for plastic. Some stats: According to the…Read More

Landlords On The Edge

Buy-to-let landlords are being pushed over tax cliff edges, as their taxable income is increased by restrictions on the amount of interest they can deduct from their rents. Profit forecast   Back in 2015 I warned that individual landlords would face huge tax bills, as the tax relief on interest and finance charges connected with letting…Read More

HMRC Tax Investigations: Eight Reasons HMRC Might Audit Your Business

Here are some of the common triggers associated with HMRC tax investigations, along with how you can reduce the chance of them occurring. HMRC tax investigations are not an experience the average business owner wants to endure. HMRC tax investigations are expensive, time-consuming and stressful, lasting 16 months on average and costing roughly £5,000 in accountancy fees.…Read More

How Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Increase Business Productivity

Coupling new ways of working with the latest technology reduces your carbon footprint while increasing productivity and the bottom line. Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t just help protect the environment, it can also boost your company’s productivity and bottom line in unexpected ways. Flexible working Flexible workspaces, which you hire by the hour, day or…Read More

CBI Urges Incoming Prime Minister to Forge New Partnership With Business

CBI president John Allan tells business leaders that new Tory PM needs to repair the UK’s battered reputation and bring back ‘feel-good factor’ Timothy Adler, SmallBusiness, 17 June 2019 The CBI has urged the next Tory Prime Minister to get behind UK business, singling out the importance of small business as well as corporations. In…Read More

Combatting the Male Mental Health Crisis in Corporate Culture

Corporate culture and practice have gone through significant change over the years. From the deeply sexist and toxic Mad Men-esque environments of the ’60s and ’70s, to the mind-numbing and isolating cubicle-based layouts of ’80s and ‘90s offices (where sexism was still there in more subterfugal ways). Dr David Plans says that looking at these…Read More

HMRC Makes Pig’s Ear of Bacon Roll Trivial Benefits Claim

A recent HMRC webinar caused hilarity and confusion in equal measure when the presenter claimed the provision of regular bacon rolls for staff couldn’t be classified as tax-free trivial benefits, but implied that gifts of wine could be tax-free. The presenter of a recent HMRC Talking Points webinar was reported to have said that the…Read More

UK Firms Overcharging Loyal Customers Could Soon Face Instant Fines

Watchdog could get new powers over mobile, broadband and insurance providers. Firms that exploit consumer loyalty by overcharging longstanding customers could soon face instant fines under plans unveiled by the government. The “loyalty penalty” is estimated to be costing customers more than £4bn a year, according to consumer groups. The government is to consult on whether…Read More

Half of Small Business Owners Struggle with Finances

A new poll has found that 51% of UK small business owners need help managing their finances. The survey, conducted by Opinium on behalf of Funding Options, interviewed 500 people of middle management level and above within UK SMEs. The results show that one in two small firms is struggling with its finances – which means that 2.86…Read More

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