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the student experience: navigating 1st year

The Student Experience: Navigating 1st year

Tom Braithwaite, Obp Chartered Accountants | 28th February 2020 In part 1 we shared some advice and guidance on the student experience in the year leading up to, and the very beginning of, university life. We discussed applicant days, results day, and moving into your new city! This part will cover the first few weeks…Read More

the student experience

The Student Experience: leading up…

Tom Braithwaite, Obp Chartered Accountants | Friday 21st February 2020 So you’ve been visiting open days every weekend for the last 2 months, (speaking from experience) and you’ve got some sort of idea where you want to study, and what course you’re going to sign yourself to for the next few years. I’m writing this…Read More

good vs bad debt

Good vs Bad Debt

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 31st January 2020 The more you know about debt and money, the more control you will be of your finances. Years ago I didn’t know that there was something called good debt! I always felt guilty that I was in debt as if it was something to be ashamed…Read More

Company car or claim mileage?

Company Car or Mileage?

Dafydd Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 27th January 2020 Company car or mileage? Deciding whether to have a company car, or to claim mileage, is a regular question I receive from clients and can be a difficult choice for business owners. The most tax efficient choice differs depending on a number of factors. Tax legislation…Read More

Effective Cashflow Management Strategies

Effective Cashflow Management Strategies

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 25th January 2020 Sir Richard Branson stated: ‘never take your eyes off the cashflow because it’s the lifeblood of business’. Branson’s business ideas would have never materialised if it wasn’t for his control over cashflow, and his understanding of cashflow management that sees businesses thrive and survive! According to…Read More

digital communication

Effective Communication in the Digital Age

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 15th December 2019 E-mail, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebeook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit mailchimp…..the list goes on. How well are you dealing with our ever-changing digital world and the necessity of communication? The digital world can be a confusing and overwhelming minefield with so many different platforms to communicate requiring different effective…Read More

benefits of working from home

Benefits of Working from Home

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 5th December 2019 Besides all of the obvious benefits like an unlimited supply of biscuits, as many Netflix breaks as you like, and staying in your PJ’s all day (if that’s what you’re into), there are also major practical and economic advantages to working from home, for both you…Read More

mind over matter

Is it Mind over Matter?

Georgia Gifford, Obp Chartered Accountants | 30th November 2019 Amongst the chaos of the constantly moving business world and the unavoidable stresses of every day life it is important that we learn how to find our calm. Is it mind over matter? Now, what if I told you that getting better control over your life…Read More

Help To Buy ISAs

All You Need to Know About Help to Buy ISAs

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 15th November 2019 Help to buy ISAs are an good option if you are a first-time buyer saving for a desposit on your first home. The Government will add 25% on top of what you save, so that means free cash – who doesn’t like the idea of free…Read More

A Guide To Being Self Employed – by Dafydd Jones, Director of OBP.

More of us are becoming self-employed with government figures showing the number of people who are self-employed rising from 3.3 million or 12% of the labour force in 2001 to 4.8 million or 15.1% in 2017. The benefits of working for yourself include: Being your own boss. Work when you want to work. Earn money…Read More

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