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Working from Home: The Surprising Benefits

Georgia Gifford, Obp Chartered Accountants | 4th December 2019 Besides all of the obvious benefits like an unlimited supply of biscuits, as many Netflix breaks as you like, and staying in your PJ’s all day (if that’s what you’re into), there are also major practical and economic advantages to working from home, for both you…Read More

mind over matter

Is it mind over matter?

Training the Brain to Help Enhance Your Performance and Boost Productivity Georgia Gifford, Obp Chartered Accountants | 4th December 2019 Mind over matter; amongst the chaos of the constantly moving business world and the unavoidable stresses of everyday life, it is important that we learn how to find our calm. Now, what if I told…Read More

entrepreneurialism and mental health

Entrepreneurialism and mental health

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 3rd December 2019 Research shows that a worrying 72% of Entrepreneurs are affected by metal health conditions. This compares unfavourably when looking at the general population. Amongst the population, around 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues, and it appears that how people cope with mental health problems…Read More

digital communication

Effective Digital Communication in 2019

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 3rd December 2019 E-mail, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebeook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Mailchimp…..the list goes on. How well are you dealing with our ever-changing digital world and the necessity of communication? The digital world can be a confusing and overwhelming minefield with so many different platforms to communicate requiring different communication…Read More

what happens to my debt if i die?

What Happens to My Debt If I Die?

Georgia Gifford | Thursday 21 November 2019 Who is liable for the debt of a partner, spouse or parent dies? Will it affect the inheritance? How does it get paid off? Your ‘estate’ is all the property, goods and money that you own that are available to be distributed after your death. When someone dies…Read More

writing a will

Do I need to write a will?

Georgia Gifford, Obp Accountants | Tuesday 19th November 2019 What if I Die Without a Will? When a person dies without a will it means they have died “intestate”. Intestacy laws then decide between whom the property and belongings of the deceased will be shared. Who Could Inherit Under the Rules of Intestacy? Possible Inheritors…Read More

good vs bad debt

Good vs Bad Debt

Jessica Jones, Obp Chartered Accountants | 14th November 2019 The more you know about debt and money, the more control you will be of your finances. Years ago I didn’t know that there was something called good debt! I always felt guilty that I was in debt, as if it was something to be ashamed…Read More

Financial abuse

What to do if you Suspect Financial Abuse and How to Spot the Signs

Written by: Georgia Gifford, Obp Chartered Accountants What is Financial Abuse? In a report by the Department of Health Financial abuse was defined as, “the unauthorised and improper use of funds, property or any resources of an older person.” This included the use of theft, coercion or fraud to obtain or try to obtain another…Read More

Knowing How To Talk Finances with your Family

You may have heard the old phrase that there are three things you never talk about: politics, religion and money. I can’t speak for politics and religion but when it comes to money, as we all know, we can’t spend the whole time with our head buried in the sand. Whatever your troubles might be…Read More

5 Easy Ways to Stress Less About Money

Written by: Georgia Gifford, Obp Chartered Accountants A study produced by the Mental Health Foundation in 2018 found that in the previous year 74% of people felt so stressed they had become overwhelmed or unable to cope. In addition to this, of those who reported feeling stressed 22% cited debt as the primary stressor.1 So,…Read More

October’s FAQ – A Q&A session with Obp

At Obp we get countless questions, business/tax related and recently anything money-related thanks to our new Financial lifestyle blog. Here is October’s set of FAQs, which we feel would be helpful for everyone to read. Q. Our house has always been owned jointly by myself, my mother and my sister. My sister and I now want…Read More

Factors that affect Credit Rating

Forgetting to pay your bills, being late with payments and generally being careless with your money may land you in financial trouble short term, but may also have serious repercussions in the future. You may be refused credit completely, have to pay a higher APR (if you do manage to secure credit) and a Cranfield…Read More

Getting To Know Your Credit Score

Please don’t switch off from reading this blog! Understanding your credit score may be a disheartening thought, but in the end it is essential if you need credit. If you’re after a loan, need a card card, or wish to have a mortgage or even re-mortgage, it is your credit score that will allow you…Read More

Obp’s tips on saving money on holidays

Escaping your everyday life can seem tricky to plan around work or social commitments, but taking those much-needed breaks could be cheaper than you anticipate with the correct planning and research. With major airlines releasing their flights around this time of year, it’s important to keep on top of your holiday plans. Here are our…Read More

Brexit’s effects on your finances

The topic news headlines won’t let go, and many people are beginning to shut out the Brexit-racket at any given opportunity. It is imperative that you keep on top of current affairs as this particular one (and its a big one), will inevitably impact your finances in one way or another – here’s how Brexit…Read More

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